Darkness came in and my sight struggled. Pain was my companion.

Noises rushed through and disappeared, then came back screaming.

Voices surrounded me, taunting, tempting, lying.

The streets are filled with tumult and chaos.

Sickness and death ran through the earth.

All of creation groaned under an unseen burden.

Wickedness was displayed and none could refrain.

Then He appeared and the earth shook.

He uttered not a word but everything heard.

Silence became real and the earth stood still.

I heard His presence surround me.

Love flowed over my wounds. Hope stirred within me. Life became clear.

With a motion of His hand He touched my pain and I began to move from death to life.

Wondering I looked about and found all pain gone.

Who was it who so calmly entered my house of hurt.

Who was it who with love and comfort calmed my fears.

Who was it who healed all of me.

Who was it who powerfully drove darkness and death away.

Who was it that the earth obeyed.

Was He the Creator. Was He the Saviour.

Was He the healer. Was He my eternal hope.

Yes, it was the Word. He is life and brought me to His side.

He is Jesus. He is the Son of God.

He is mine and I will bow before Him. I will rise and praise Him. I will declare his holiness.

I will sing of His grace and mercy. I will dance and rejoice before Him.

I will obey His precepts. I will love as I am loved.

For surely no one has ever seen one like Him whose very breath gives life.

Who but Jesus wipes away my tears never to return.

Who but Jesus will always walk with me.

For He is my strength, my hope and my salvation. Blessed be His name.

Oh you who struggle, who suffer, who walk in darkness, who have no hope, look up!

Behold He comes with great power. Mercy goes before him.

Grace surrounds Him. Healing goes from Him.

Love surrounds him as smoke and reaches into our souls.

We are His. Oh what peace enters into darkness becoming light. Oh how life becomes real.

Praise the Lord with a glad heart. Shout to the earth His name.

Dance and sing for eternity is our inheritance.

Bless the Lord Oh my soul. This is our Jesus Christ the Lord, the only son of God.


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